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IAS Model for Independence


Every child and family is unique.

Our goal at IAS is to help children have their best days and live their best lives. Our 360-degree approach to treatment is grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis, more commonly known as ABA, and treats the individual uniqueness of your child.

As the only clinically proven autism therapy, we believe that ABA can help your child reach his or her highest level of independence. That’s why it’s at the heart of all our services. From individualized sessions to social skills groups and even our mentoring program, we focus on developing your child’s behavioral, emotional and intersocial skills.


Foundational Skills

Behavioral, emotional and intersocial skills are the three foundational skills that are the basis for your child’s success in becoming more independent. Each of these skills have their own target areas that we focus on. Each of these skills have their own target areas that we focus on including:

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Life Domains

There are three distinct areas that we all must live in — home, work/school and in the community. Each are interconnected and rely on the other. Our ultimate goal is to give your child the skills and tools to reach their highest level of independence in all of these domains.

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With over twenty years experience with ABA and the Autism community, we have put together the most effective services to bring about the best outcomes. No two children on the spectrum are alike, so we pride ourselves on being able to meet your child’s unique needs. This helps us craft a treatment plan specific to your child and not implement any “cookie-cutter” programming.

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