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Every child and family is unique.

Our goal at IAS is to help children have their best days and live their best lives. Our 360-degree approach to treatment is grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis, more commonly known as ABA, and treats the individual uniqueness of your child.

As the only clinically proven autism therapy, we believe that ABA can help your child reach his or her highest level of independence. That’s why it’s at the heart of all our services. From individualized sessions to social skills groups and even our mentoring program, we focus on developing your child’s behavioral, emotional and intersocial skills.

Getting Started...

Our team knows first hand just how overwhelming an autism diagnosis can be. That’s why we’re committed to helping your child reach his or her best potential and working collaboratively to get there. Together, we’ll determine what success means for your child and family, and our team will support you throughout the entire process.

The Phone Call

After you have submitted a request for service, It all starts with a brief information-gathering phone call. We’ll ask you questions about your child, your family and your unique situation. And, we’ll tell you a little bit more about what we do at IAS and how we can best help your child and family. Together, we’ll decide if the fit is right. Next, an in-person intake meeting is scheduled.

Be Ready:

  • Plan on a 20 -30 min call

  • Already submitted your child's information

    • A diagnosis of ASD from a doctor

    • Your child's availability

    • Copy of insurance card

    • Have a list of questions

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The Assessment

The assessment is a formal process, tailored to the unique needs, skills and age of your child. It’s a collaborative effort between a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), your family and child that helps us outline treatment goals and a plan.

There is an interactive component of the session where one of our highly experienced BCBAs will formally evaluate your child to understand his or her unique needs and skill level. And, there is also an interview portion where we gather information from you, the parents, about your child’s skill development.

Together, we’ll talk in depth about what you’re looking to get out of treatment, and the information gathered during the assessment will help us develop your child’s formal individualized treatment plan.


The Intake

When your family comes into IAS, you’ll meet our founder and director, Marcela, face-to-face and learn all about what we do here. The intake session lasts about an hour, and we’ll use this time like a meet and greet, getting to know you, your child and other family members and caregivers.

Marcela will talk with your family openly about the goals and dreams you have for your child, what you have tried so far, what’s working and what hasn’t. We’ll also discuss your family’s priorities and the support system your child has in place. From the information she learns during this intake meeting, Marcela will put together a top level recommendation of appropriate services for your child and prepare for the next step, the in depth formal assessment session.


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