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2024 Summer Therapy Program Registration


This Registration Page is for CURRENT Clients Only

If you are not a current client please click here.

Connecticut Husky Families Click Here

Program Registration for:

ATTENDANCE SCHEDULE: In order for us to adequately staff, we request that you select the schedule that you would like your child to maintain for the entire summer (i.e. Morning students will always be morning students/afternoon students will always be afternoon students/full day students will always be full day students). Choose only (1)
CT Weekly Schedule: Please check the weeks your child will be attending
SC Weekly Schedule: Please check the weeks your child will be attending

Registration Fee

There is a refundable $275.00 registration fee due at registration for clients currently enrolled in IAS services. If you are not a current client click here. This fee will be applied to community outings and materials. This fee is not payable by insurance. Please note that your child’s spot in the program will not be guaranteed until the registration fee has been paid. If you are a new client please click here

Insurance Coverage
Some clients may have partial or full insurance coverage for the summer program. Insurance coverage for most carriers is also contingent on authorization of additional hours to cover the summer program. If you have questions about your coverage, please contact the office at 860-351-5407.

Any applicable co-pays, deductible, or co-insurance for clients using insurance will be due at the time of service as outlined in our financial agreement/policies.

Any hours not covered by insurance will be subject to our private pay rates.

Connecticut Husky Insurance is NOT Eligible. Call For Details.

Thanks for submitting your registration!!

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